What is CrowdSafe?

CrowdSafe facilitates collaboration between Event Planners, Organizers, Security Managers, Incident Monitoring and Response teams to relay and act on time-sensitive and mission critical information through a robust platform, wherein it further adds value by providing its users with Incident Response Panels, Informative Event Dashboards and Indoor Resource Tracking.

STRATEGIZEPLAN and EXECUTE your events with superlative efficiency and with pronounced emphasis on Crowd Safety, Security and Incident Management. CrowdSafe  is an ideal solution for venues looking at managing their day-to-day activities and crowd safety. CrowdSafe is the optimum technology platform specifically created to manage an event’s activity from start to finish, resulting in significant savings of time, resources and expenditure.

Created by Approved Technology Solutions, CrowdSafe will be customized to suit your venue needs, whilst maintaining your exacting standards of customer experience, security and safety. In these increasingly uncertain times, it is vital that the best be done to mitigate safety and security concerns and respond to any and all incident as swiftly and effectively as possible.

Why CrowdSafe?

CrowdSafe springs from industry need and is carefully crafted from field level consultation with Industry and Security experts.

It is a comprehensive solution for Event and Incident Management with emphasis on crowd safety and security, forming a strong internal collaboration and inter-networking platform between a multitude of departments.

Information exchange between critical stakeholders, and timely relay  and dissemination of such information plays a vital role in efficiently managing incidents, resources and ultimately, safety and security of the overall venue.

With robust communication channels and powerful incident reporting and diagnostic tools, multi-venue and multi-site groups benefit from a cohesive platform that operates across the activity at all locations, in real-time.

Our goal is to provide the best technology platform to manage an event’s activities with the primary focus on the safety of the crowd and staff. CrowdSafe would add immense value to any facility, furthering them with their digital strategy.


All crowded environments differ greatly, and we take this into consideration with each custom deployment. We listen, digest and craft a solution that fits your environment perfectly. Following installation and training, we continue to support our clients with technical support and ongoing superior client service.


Arenas & Music Venues

Theme parks


Train / Metro Stations

Exhibition Centres

Religious Buildings

Shopping Malls


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